Erasmus celebration

Last Thursday there was a celebration of the Erasmus project at the Wirschaftsschule, in Dinkelsbühl.


In a combined celebration, the students of the Vocational School (who spent 3 weeks in Brighton) and 10 students of the Wirschaftsschule received their Europass documents.

Mr Markus Ferber, a parliamentarian of the European Parliament in Straßburg, gave the documents to the students.


After short presentations of both Erasmus projects, the mayor of Dinkelsbühl (Paul Beitzer) and the headmasters (Dr. Friedhart Nichterlein and Andreas Wedler) talked about the project.


The audience was made up of companies, parents and friends.

At the end of the event, everybody could enjoy food and drinks.




Fourth day in Asinara

Today Italians, Germans and Swedes met at the port of Porto Torres. At 08:15 they were ready to leave and go to Asinara.

They arrived there at 09:30 and then they had breakfast at the bar. Later they visited around and walking they went to ossuary. 

There they swam and had fun together.

Later they came back to the restaurant and had lunch. They also had a bit of relax laying in the garden.In the evening they came back to Porto Torres. 

Third day in Porto Torres

Today students met at Scogliolungo beach at 09:15. Teachers explained to them what they should do and then the competition started.

The teams were composed by 4 students : 2 girls and 2 boys. The first was a sprint competition in which Gaia Conti and Matteo Faedda were finalists.

Then students did a relay race and the blue team won.

The evening was spent in Sassari, visiting the city and doing shopping.

The second day 

This morning Italians and Swedes students met the headmaster and the vice principal.

Then they went to the town hall and met the mayor. They all wished them a good stay in Dinkelsbühl.

Later they took part in a treasure hunt around the town and spent time all together.

They had lunch at school and then they went to pine forest that faces on the lake Igelsbach. They climbed and generally played.

At the end they came back to Dinkelsbühl and ate pizza together.

The fourth day

Today the students met at school and then they have been divided in two groups.

A group stayed at school and prepared, through the translation in different languages, a brochure about a healthy nutrition.



The other group went to “Naturskolan” and two teachers, through different activities, explained to the students how important water is and how much water there’s in the world. They explained how we can conserve it and how much our collaboration is important.

At 18:30 Germans, Italians and Swedes met and went in the Globe Stadium. There was an ice hockey match. The teams were HV71 and Djurgården.



The first day


This morning  Germans and Italians had a meeting in the Swedish school. Teachers introduced themselves telling who they are and what they teach.

The German headmaster gave some present to Swedish teachers Like ginger cakes and wine.


The Swedish headmaster did the same, giving them (to teachers and students too) chocolate bars and small tins with mint candies inside.

Later students took a tour in the Swedish school.



In the evening the students were skiing.




Week in Sweden

This weekend Germans and Italians are going to fly to Sweden.

These pictures are about program of the week in Sweden.

Two guys of the Italian team who work on blog, Daniele and Erica, will come to Sweden as reporters.

They will let us know about what they are going to do, day by day.

We wish you a good trip!

PNSD week

Our school took part in the project PNSD week (National Planning for Digital School).

The students of different classes collaborated all together for organisation of this project.

On 30th November, the students of elementary and middle schools of Porto Torres came in our school and they discovered activities about teaching and learning innovations.

We showed them how Arduino works. Arduino is an operating hardware low-cost system that allows the creation of every kind of circuit. They are used in many  apps, especially in the robotics sector. Students really were positively surprised and interested.

The Chameleon Lamp is created by students of “Liceo Scientifico di Porto Torres”, in collaboration with teacher Vittorio Pilosu. Click on link!

We introduced what Erasmus+ is.

During the conference with the students of the elementary school, we asked how many of them did own a smartphone: almost everyone! Such a big surprise, even if we are aware of technological progress that our society is living nowadays.

Press conference in Porto Torres

Giusy Marras; Jessica Cualbu | October 18th 2016


This morning, 18th October at the “M. Paglietti” high school, in Porto Torres there has been a press conference with the participation of the headmaster, Italian teachers, the Swedish teacher Daniel Kölborn, Marco Pinna (responsible MIUR of PE in the Sassari province), Uccio Masia (provincial representative of CONI).

The teacher Luigi Marras talked about Floorball and how he came across this sport during a past Comenius project 6 years ago.

Teacher Marcella Fiori introduced the main lines of the project and talked about the last exchange between Italian and Swedish students in 2014.

Trainer Daniel Kölborn talked about his choice to leave school to take part in Floorball National Federation.

It’s difficult to say that is my work, because I have a lot of fun

He said this afternoon before the training.

His purpose is to spread Floorball in other countries too and he is glad to start from Sardinia.

He launched a campaign on Facebook asking to all his friends, professional Floorball players and Floorball amateurs to give him spare sticks. Many of them were used by professional players and are very valuable.


  • To know other countries and their cultures
  • Improve language skills
  • Make friends
  • Sport experiences