Final impressions by the Italian team!

21st May 2017. Returning back home from a wonderful week in Germany. But it really was like that for everyone? We made an interview to our Italian team at the airport, just before flying back to Sardinia! Just three simple questions:

1.”A couple words to describe your experience in Germany?”

2.”What did you enjoy the most?”

3.”What didn’t you like at all, instead?”

Go ahead to read the answers!


Antonio and Eros


Eros: It was a really cool experience!

Antonio: It was fantastic and I would do it again!


Eros: I enjoyed the mountain bike competition very much!

Antonio: I liked the mountain bike riding and the football match!


Eros: Actually there’s nothing that I didn’t like, because I enjoyed everything!

Antonio: It’s the same for me.



Chiara and Matteo


Matteo: Fantastic!

Chiara: Beautiful!


Matteo: The mountain bike riding, the competitions.. everything!

Chiara: The respect and the love that everyone has shown and the company they gave us.


Matteo: The fact that.. our car broke down!

Chiara: The fact that, at the beginning, I dind’t feel well.. but later everything fixed up!



Giovanni and Gabriele


Giovanni: It was a really beautiful experience and I would do it again!

Gabriele: Awesome, involving, funny!


Giovanni: My hosting family, the place.. and the culture they have!

Gabriele: The place, the city of Dinkelsbühl, the house where I stayed… everything.


Giovanni: The food and.. the strange driving manner that German people have.

Gabriele: The food for me too.



Nicole and Rossella


Nicole: Beautiful and interesting.

Rossella: Fantastic!


Nicole: The climbing and the mountain bike riding.

Rossella: The climbing.


Nicole: The food.

Rossella: Nothing, I liked everything!



Rachele and Arianna


Arianna: Wonderful!

Rachele: Maybe the best travel of my life!


Arianna: The climbing.

Rachele: The climbing and the typical bavarian dance!


Arianna: I don’t know…I enjoyed everything!

Rachele: The food.


So, in summation: the most hated thing was the food and the most loved one was the mountain bike. But we assure you that all of them had a lot of fun and made many other good experiences in Germany! We’d like to thank again all the families, the teachers and the guys that, willingly and kindly, made us possible to enjoy this unforgettable week! Thank you.

Hope you all appreciate this post!


Fifth Day in Germany!

Today the students spent the most of their time at school. In the morning, they take a guided tour in the “Kinderzeche” centre, the museum of the history and culture of Dinkelsbühl summer festival, where also original costumes and weapons are guarded.



Then, the students went back to school and they were split in groups to working on computers and making some brochures.



After a little break, the students enjoyed a traditional Bavarian dance lesson!


In the afternoon, the students played football in the school court. They made many matches and, eventually, every team won!


In the evening, there was a barbecue where students, teachers and parents ate all together in the school.



After dinner, all the students danced and had a good time at the disco party in the school! There were live music, balloons, a little buffet and drinks. It was very nice!


Fourth Day in Nuremberg!


This morning, the students went to the Documentation Centre of Nazi period. They did a tour listening a guide on their earphone.


After the museum tour, the students went to the Nuremberg Stadium and a guide talked about the history of the football in this city and of the stadium architecture. They also took a guided tour inside of the building, walking through football players’ dressing rooms and the stadium prison.


In the afternoon, the students were free to go to the city centre to do shopping and see the beautiful gothic churches all around Nuremberg!