Last Days

Yesterday the students ended the week with wonderful lessons at school. They had an Italian lesson where they learnt some basic italian phrases, then some of them  were in the chemistry lab and others went in the gym to play football and volleyball. 
At 11 am the players went to Scoglio Lungo Beach to play some beach games like sack race, tug of war, and a couple for each team became some of the most famous people such as Adam and Eve, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, Trump and Melania.

The BLUE one was the best team.

At lunch they had a barbecue all together at school and then we relaxed at the beach. 

In the aftenoon the students  played volleyball on the beach divided in national teams: Italy won, followed by Sweden and Germany.

After, all of them returned home to get ready for the party at school. It was great fun, the Swedish and German guys met many  other students from the Italian school. The party finished at midnight and then everybody went home.

Today the students met at school for the award ceremony: first was was the Blue team, second the Orange one followed by the Yellow and the White teams. Later they had lunch at home and at 1pm the Swedish guys said goodbye to the others and they leave. Tomorrow it’s time for Germans to return home.

All the students are very happy for this Project, they learnt many things about meeting  new people and different cultures. 

“SPORT EVENTS MAKE FRIENDS” motto worked perfectly. Today all of them were so sad to say goodbye to their new friends.


First day in Porto Torres!

Today it’s started the last stage of Erasmus+ project in Italy!

The students from Germany and Sweden met the headmaster and found out  what they’re going to do this week. 

The italian students prepared some snacks to eat all together during the break in the canteen. 

At 11am they went all together to the beach to start the training for the canoa competition that will be on Wednesday.

All the students came back home for lunch and then they went to the Antiquarium divided in two groups. There they learnt how Romans people lived.

In the evening they went to gym to play basketball. They were divided in four team: each team had a colour. The students played eight match and at the end the “Blue” team has won. 

First Day in Germany

The student from the high school of Nacka and from the high school of Porto Torres are now in Germany to do the second stage of “Sport Events Make Friends” project.

Yesterday the athletes visited the Wirtschaft Schule.

Then they met the deputy head Andreas Wedler the representative Konstantin Chytirisand. They talked about the school and what they are going to do this week.

After this they went into the class and they had an English lesson

The athletes visited the town and the “History Museum of Dinkelsbhül”.

At lunch they returned at school to have lunch in the cantine with all of the student of the school.

In the afternoon they went all together to the cheese factory where they made cheese.

After that the students climbed the “Hesselberg” hill and then they could enjoy the beautiful landscape and all the city.

In the evening the returned at school to spend some time with their host family.

Last day

Unfortunately today has been the last day of this wonderful week.

Today all the students stayed together and did a lot of nice activities.

This morning they went to Stockholm and in order to visit the old town, the teachers made for them a monuments haunt.

Later they had lunch in the culture house of Stockholm. This is an important building in Stockholm where there are two theatres, an awesome and huge library, a cultural centre dedicated to the elderlies. 

This evening all the guys cooked their dinner in the school. They prepared different dishes like:

-boiled seasoned eggs with a sort of cream and a shrimp;

-smoked salmon;

-herrings in sweet-and-sour sauce;

-meatballs with sour cream sauce;

-potato and anchovies pie;

-ice cream with special Swedish berries on the top.

When it was all ready, they ate everything and enjoyed their meal.

At the end, the deputy headmaster awarded all the winner of the Floorball tournament: the 5^ team of the international tournament, the Italian trainer Gigi Marras for the victory of the Italian team and Claudio Lepore for scored the two fundamental points for the victory of Italy in the country tournament, against the Sweden.

Finally everyone said goodbye and it was so sad because in this week they became friends and socialized. This could be the best part of the trip because, the most important goal of these projects is to find new friends and know other cultures.

The third day

Today the students were divided in two groups and each one had a lot of interesting activities.

One of them worked together to translate some brochure from German to Italian, Swedish and English.

They had lunch in the canteen and later they went to sauna. There, they relaxed and had fun. 

Then, some of them bathed in the lake in front of the sauna. 
“The water was so cold” they said.

They had dinner in their families and this evening they went to bowling also with the other group.

The Second Day

This morning the students met all together in the gym to play floorball.

They were divided in different mixed team and each one had a number.

All of them played and the 4^ and 5^ team arrived in final, at the end the team 5 won.

Later there were three matches played by every country and Italians’ guys won against the Sweden.


This aftenoon they were free to spend the time with the family.

These are some videos made by our staff


What the Erasmus+ is and what people think about it

The project “Sport Events Make Friends” is a partnership that connects the three highschools of Porto Torres (Italy), Myrsjöskolan (Sweden) and Dinkelsbhül (Germany).

It is a triangular sporting event that interests the athletes of the school face in canoe, mountain bike and floorball. One of the goal is to introduce the floorball in the island and to be the first school where it’s practiced, maybe creating a real agonistic team.

The headmaster says:”the Erasmusplus’ purposes are the internationalization of curricula (thanks also to Porto Torres language center) and the sport achievements to academic results where athletes become sport managers”.

To introduce the floorball, the Swedish teacher Daniel Kölborn came here and taught to the Italians players how to play it. Swedish professional and amateur gave to our school 50 sticks to train and play the future match against the local team next January.

The headmaster Sircana and the teachers think that this project allows Porto Torres to create other sport events every year. At the end, the delegate of Coni says:”the sport is important. It helps teenagers to know each other and dialogue among themselves, especially during a phase of great difficulty”.