Last Days

Yesterday the students ended the week with wonderful lessons at school. They had an Italian lesson where they learnt some basic italian phrases, then some of them  were in the chemistry lab and others went in the gym to play football and volleyball. 
At 11 am the players went to Scoglio Lungo Beach to play some beach games like sack race, tug of war, and a couple for each team became some of the most famous people such as Adam and Eve, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, Trump and Melania.

The BLUE one was the best team.

At lunch they had a barbecue all together at school and then we relaxed at the beach. 

In the aftenoon the students  played volleyball on the beach divided in national teams: Italy won, followed by Sweden and Germany.

After, all of them returned home to get ready for the party at school. It was great fun, the Swedish and German guys met many  other students from the Italian school. The party finished at midnight and then everybody went home.

Today the students met at school for the award ceremony: first was was the Blue team, second the Orange one followed by the Yellow and the White teams. Later they had lunch at home and at 1pm the Swedish guys said goodbye to the others and they leave. Tomorrow it’s time for Germans to return home.

All the students are very happy for this Project, they learnt many things about meeting  new people and different cultures. 

“SPORT EVENTS MAKE FRIENDS” motto worked perfectly. Today all of them were so sad to say goodbye to their new friends.


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