Last day

Unfortunately today has been the last day of this wonderful week.

Today all the students stayed together and did a lot of nice activities.

This morning they went to Stockholm and in order to visit the old town, the teachers made for them a monuments haunt.

Later they had lunch in the culture house of Stockholm. This is an important building in Stockholm where there are two theatres, an awesome and huge library, a cultural centre dedicated to the elderlies. 

This evening all the guys cooked their dinner in the school. They prepared different dishes like:

-boiled seasoned eggs with a sort of cream and a shrimp;

-smoked salmon;

-herrings in sweet-and-sour sauce;

-meatballs with sour cream sauce;

-potato and anchovies pie;

-ice cream with special Swedish berries on the top.

When it was all ready, they ate everything and enjoyed their meal.

At the end, the deputy headmaster awarded all the winner of the Floorball tournament: the 5^ team of the international tournament, the Italian trainer Gigi Marras for the victory of the Italian team and Claudio Lepore for scored the two fundamental points for the victory of Italy in the country tournament, against the Sweden.

Finally everyone said goodbye and it was so sad because in this week they became friends and socialized. This could be the best part of the trip because, the most important goal of these projects is to find new friends and know other cultures.


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