What the Erasmus+ is and what people think about it

The project “Sport Events Make Friends” is a partnership that connects the three highschools of Porto Torres (Italy), Myrsjöskolan (Sweden) and Dinkelsbhül (Germany).

It is a triangular sporting event that interests the athletes of the school face in canoe, mountain bike and floorball. One of the goal is to introduce the floorball in the island and to be the first school where it’s practiced, maybe creating a real agonistic team.

The headmaster says:”the Erasmusplus’ purposes are the internationalization of curricula (thanks also to Porto Torres language center) and the sport achievements to academic results where athletes become sport managers”.

To introduce the floorball, the Swedish teacher Daniel Kölborn came here and taught to the Italians players how to play it. Swedish professional and amateur gave to our school 50 sticks to train and play the future match against the local team next January.

The headmaster Sircana and the teachers think that this project allows Porto Torres to create other sport events every year. At the end, the delegate of Coni says:”the sport is important. It helps teenagers to know each other and dialogue among themselves, especially during a phase of great difficulty”.


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