Press conference in Porto Torres

Giusy Marras; Jessica Cualbu | October 18th 2016


This morning, 18th October at the “M. Paglietti” high school, in Porto Torres there has been a press conference with the participation of the headmaster, Italian teachers, the Swedish teacher Daniel Kölborn, Marco Pinna (responsible MIUR of PE in the Sassari province), Uccio Masia (provincial representative of CONI).

The teacher Luigi Marras talked about Floorball and how he came across this sport during a past Comenius project 6 years ago.

Teacher Marcella Fiori introduced the main lines of the project and talked about the last exchange between Italian and Swedish students in 2014.

Trainer Daniel Kölborn talked about his choice to leave school to take part in Floorball National Federation.

It’s difficult to say that is my work, because I have a lot of fun

He said this afternoon before the training.

His purpose is to spread Floorball in other countries too and he is glad to start from Sardinia.

He launched a campaign on Facebook asking to all his friends, professional Floorball players and Floorball amateurs to give him spare sticks. Many of them were used by professional players and are very valuable.


  • To know other countries and their cultures
  • Improve language skills
  • Make friends
  • Sport experiences



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