Cold impressions from the Italian Team!


After living a week in Sweden knowing their traditions and routine, face to face with the Swedish and German guys some of the Italian team speak about their thoughts and experiences in the ice land.

  • Gaia Conti (15 years old): it has been a beautiful experience that I will never forget, one of those things to tell to your kids when you’re a parent. I saw new and amazing places. I met wonderful people that I can’t wait to see again.


  • Luca Masia (14 years old): it has been an amazing experience where I saw a place that I’d never seen before! It’s a wonderful place as the people living there that are amazing. I really hope to see them again soon.


  • Salvatore Milia (15 years old): An amazing trip where I met splendid people that made me spend a magnificent week and made me feel good every time. I can’t wait to see you again in September, my Swedish and German friends, to live new experiences together. THANK YOU. A special thanks to Gabriel and his family.


  • Elena Masia (15 years old): It has been a fantastic experience, I met wonderful people and enjoyed everything! I miss my Swedish and German friends, and my host family too. Maybe, in a few years I could go in Sweden to see again those amazing people and that country! Thank you for everything !!


  • Claudio Lepore (16 years old): I lived a dream week with you guys, you have been amazing, maybe one week it’s not enough to say that Sweden, the Swedish and German guys  are stuck in my heart. Thank you for all the things that you did for us! I hope to see you often, not just September. See you soon my img-20170120-wa0246.jpgguys !!


  • Daniele Busia (16 years old): Being a press didn’t change anything. I didn’t play floorball but I lived like every guy who played. They have been amazing, the warmth and the love they gave, were extraordinary. I especially thanks my host family, they made me and Erica feel at home. See you in September guys!!


  • Roberto Tilocca (15 years old): It has been a wonderful trip, they are too funny and we’ve become friends since the first second, I will always remember you. I’ll miss the runs for the bus, the laughs at school, the amazing places we saw and the FIFA games with Max, that I thank for his hospitality and his parents too. We’ll see again in September, and I’m sure that we will spend another wonderful week. Bye guys, I love you !!


  • Alessandra Ragas (15 years old): Oh my god what to say, it’s really hard to find the right words to describe how much I am thankful for all the time we spent together. First of all to Emma and her family that I will never forget. I’ll miss a lot laughing with you, fighting with the snow balls (ending up to the hospital) making  pranks to each other and watching the amazing views that I’ve always dreamt about. I can’t wait to see you all again, and to go beyond my sadness I know that I’ll see you all again! I love you guys !!


  • Matteo Fadda (15 years old): It has been an extraordinary holiday! I thank every guy to let us know the places and make us live new adventures. You Swedes and Germans have been too much funny, I can’t wait to see you again and come back in Sweden that is stuck in my heart. Thank you all guys especially Martin and his family who has been amazing !!


  • Teacher Fiori: We enjoyed everything, from the skiing, to the sauna, even class work. I feel very grateful to the Swedish families that welcomed everybody as their own kids: they have been warm and thoughtful. The colleagues at Myrsjöskolan made me feel really at home, with their wonderful organization and usual friendship and it was great working with the German ones, we learnt a lot from each other. The kids were awesome: Swedes, Italians and Germans behaved extraordinary well, making us all teachers extremely proud. I feel personally and professionally fulfilled by this experience. Well done everybody!


Last day

Unfortunately today has been the last day of this wonderful week.

Today all the students stayed together and did a lot of nice activities.

This morning they went to Stockholm and in order to visit the old town, the teachers made for them a monuments haunt.

Later they had lunch in the culture house of Stockholm. This is an important building in Stockholm where there are two theatres, an awesome and huge library, a cultural centre dedicated to the elderlies. 

This evening all the guys cooked their dinner in the school. They prepared different dishes like:

-boiled seasoned eggs with a sort of cream and a shrimp;

-smoked salmon;

-herrings in sweet-and-sour sauce;

-meatballs with sour cream sauce;

-potato and anchovies pie;

-ice cream with special Swedish berries on the top.

When it was all ready, they ate everything and enjoyed their meal.

At the end, the deputy headmaster awarded all the winner of the Floorball tournament: the 5^ team of the international tournament, the Italian trainer Gigi Marras for the victory of the Italian team and Claudio Lepore for scored the two fundamental points for the victory of Italy in the country tournament, against the Sweden.

Finally everyone said goodbye and it was so sad because in this week they became friends and socialized. This could be the best part of the trip because, the most important goal of these projects is to find new friends and know other cultures.

The fourth day

Today the students met at school and then they have been divided in two groups.

A group stayed at school and prepared, through the translation in different languages, a brochure about a healthy nutrition.



The other group went to “Naturskolan” and two teachers, through different activities, explained to the students how important water is and how much water there’s in the world. They explained how we can conserve it and how much our collaboration is important.

At 18:30 Germans, Italians and Swedes met and went in the Globe Stadium. There was an ice hockey match. The teams were HV71 and Djurgården.



The third day

Today the students were divided in two groups and each one had a lot of interesting activities.

One of them worked together to translate some brochure from German to Italian, Swedish and English.

They had lunch in the canteen and later they went to sauna. There, they relaxed and had fun. 

Then, some of them bathed in the lake in front of the sauna. 
“The water was so cold” they said.

They had dinner in their families and this evening they went to bowling also with the other group.

The Second Day

This morning the students met all together in the gym to play floorball.

They were divided in different mixed team and each one had a number.

All of them played and the 4^ and 5^ team arrived in final, at the end the team 5 won.

Later there were three matches played by every country and Italians’ guys won against the Sweden.


This aftenoon they were free to spend the time with the family.

These are some videos made by our staff


The first day


This morning  Germans and Italians had a meeting in the Swedish school. Teachers introduced themselves telling who they are and what they teach.

The German headmaster gave some present to Swedish teachers Like ginger cakes and wine.


The Swedish headmaster did the same, giving them (to teachers and students too) chocolate bars and small tins with mint candies inside.

Later students took a tour in the Swedish school.



In the evening the students were skiing.




Week in Sweden

This weekend Germans and Italians are going to fly to Sweden.

These pictures are about program of the week in Sweden.

Two guys of the Italian team who work on blog, Daniele and Erica, will come to Sweden as reporters.

They will let us know about what they are going to do, day by day.

We wish you a good trip!